May 28, 2023
Ohio's Voice > BORDER CRISIS



What’s REALLY coming into our country?


A common misconception towards advocates of the border wall is that they are against policy that is pro-immigration. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This country was built with the hands of immigrants from every part of the world. Our legal naturalization process has been there reaching out to those who wish to begin the journey of becoming a legalized American citizen since 1892.


Having a secure border is integral to a nation’s safety, sovereignty and national security. So then why were policies that worked in protecting our borders reversed in the first round of executive orders in 2021?


At a time when concerns are high for the health of our nation, and while human and child trafficking numbers are soaring, it is all the more imperative that we maintain a vigilant eye on protecting those passing through our borders. Ohio may not be a border town, but the overall impact of our current border crisis will be felt the nation through.


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