February 5, 2023
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Are we really getting the whole story on Covid-19?

We went from Bill Gates saying: “If we have 1 in 10,000 uh side effects, that’s you know, way more, 700,000, uh people who will suffer from that. There will be some risk and indemnification needed.” [sic]


To: The media saying that for the first time ever in world history, 4 different vaccine companies nailed it right out of the gate before even holding the years of trials and testing that ALWAYS goes into vaccine development.


According to their laughable narrative these vaccines are completely safe and anyone who questions otherwise will be labeled a “conspiracy theorist”.


From Dr. Anthony (Tony) Fauci saying: “Don’t wear a mask, they will make no difference.”


To: “Everyone must wear a mask to stop the spread of Covid-19.”
Then: “On second thought, everyone should wear two masks.” (A year later)


Then there’s the ever so popular: “We just need two weeks to flatten the curve so the hospital system isn’t overwhelmed…”


What week are we on now?


These fallacies and troupes of misinformation proliferate our mainstream media, yet, so many seem content to not question their inconsistencies.


We just want to remind the public that people questioning the official narrative with sensible, researched questions, and digging to find answers does not make them a conspiracy theorist. It’s the complete spirit and embodiment of what true investigative journalism is based upon.


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