May 28, 2023
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Morning Medicine

Morning Medicine

Aren’t you all lucky! You get to sit here and hear me go on about the things I think about.


Maybe it’s about the world in which we live, maybe it’s an existential crisis, maybe it’s pondering how my dog’s paws smell like Frito’s, her ears smell like syrup and her breath smells like a garbage toilet all at the same time.


All of life’s mysteries will be unlocked to be released upon you, the unsuspecting reader, or perhaps I will spill coffee on my lap, type a few expletives and call it a day.


No matter what the circumstance, I will strive to keep it pertinent and engaging, so we all can stay focused long enough to get through it.


The vibe will be a little looser with this at points because I think we can all use a break from the tension from time to time.


So don’t go into this thinking you are always going to get some Tucker Carlson-esque, brows furrowed soliloquy and be all surprised when you find me in here just having fun kicking around some thoughts and random subject matter that I found interesting while perusing the interwebs that day.


Think of this as your virtual box of chocolates and keep coming back to see what you get.



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