May 28, 2023


Elected or Selected?


This isn’t about the left or right, or who won what election, this is about preserving the integrity of our voting system nationwide as well as on a local level. It’s about taking control while we still have the power to do so. As concerned Americans, united as a nation and not divided by ideology, we should all be pushing for a national audit of all elections on a local, state and national level, to put this election integrity controversy to bed once and for all.


As for the presidency, a full audit across all states will reveal the truth. If it was a free and fair election as reported by the media, then they can finally shut President Trump up once and for all and have everything they need to begin criminally prosecuting him. That is not opinion, that is a fact. They are currently trying to pursue prosecution under other pretenses, so if that’s the ultimate goal, shouldn’t this option be put forth with extreme prejudice?


We will investigate and try to get some answers to the many questions not being asked about the current state of our system of elections.


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